How To Get Your House Ready To Sell

Selling Your Utah House?

Top Real Estate Tips To Sell Your Home Quick

Wondering how to get your house ready to sell? In Utah, nearly every county saw a 30% increase in their median home price last quarter. It’s a home seller’s market, which means that you may be considering selling your Utah house.

If you are, there are a few things that can help you sell your home quicker and for a better price. Our SLC real estate agents at Your Utah Realty share their top tips on how to get your house ready to sell, get your home under contract, and get the price you want for your home.

If you have any questions about selling your home in Utah, or you would like a comparative market analysis to find out how to price your home, contact our Utah real estate agents today!

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Utah Real Estate Agent Tip #1 – Hire A Real Estate Agent 

Hire A Utah Realtor

Hiring a real estate agent is our top tip for a reason — homes sell for more and spend fewer days on the market.

Real Estate Fact:

According to the National Association of Realtors, home sellers still choose to use real estate agents rather than selling their home by owner. Nearly 89% of homes sold nationwide used Real Estate Agents for their transaction vs. only 8% sold by owner

On average, a home sold by the owner sold for $217,900 compared to $295,000 for homes sold using a Real Estate Agent.

One of the top objections to hiring a real estate agent is the cost of their commission, however, data shows us that using a real estate agent nets you more even after paying agent fees.

Utah Real Estate Agent Tip #2 –

Get A Comparative Market Analysis

CMA Analysis

A comparative market analysis is a property evaluation that will tell you how much your Utah home is worth in today’s market.

To get an accurate evaluation of your home, you will need to work with a Utah real estate agent who is familiar with the current market in your area. Your real estate agent will pull information about homes and properties that are similar to yours that have sold recently to see what the listing price was and what was the final sale price of the home.

Your Utah Real Estate Agent will need to visit your home in person to provide the most accurate analysis of your property.

Most online property evaluations don’t take into account the condition of the home or any updates that you may have made. Zillow is infamous for giving inaccurate property values and should only be considered an estimate.

At Your Utah Realty, you can get a FREE home evaluation instantly. Keep in mind, this is only an estimate until one of our real estate agents visits your home in person. If you’d like to make an appointment to get an accurate estimate and to learn how we would price your property in today’s market, feel free to contact us.

Learn more about Ways You Can Find Out How Much Your Utah Home Is Worth.

Utah Real Estate Agent Tip #3 –

Declutter & Depersonalize Your Home

Selling Your Utah House? Declutter Your House

“Home is where my habits have habitats.” – Fiona Apple

Your home has been your sanctuary. It’s likely you have amassed a collection of memories and with those, the knick knacks and flotsam of a well-lived life. Now that you are moving, those mementos need to be packed up and put away until you move into your new home.

That’s because potential home buyers don’t have the same fond memories or tastes that you do and they are seeking a place where they can create their own memories and collections. When they view your home, they need to be able to imagine living in that space, with their own mementos and furniture.

Decluttering also makes your home feel larger, with plenty of space. If a home buyer stops by and sees clutter everywhere, they may be concerned about how their own things will fit in the home.

Remove personal photographs and belongings, including photo albums, financial statements or bills, medications, and valuable, easy-to-carry electronics such as iPads or laptops. Open houses are sometimes targets of thieves.

Utah Real Estate Agent Tip #4 –

Deep Clean Your Home

Deep Clean Home

Some of the biggest turn-offs for home buyers are open, dirty toilets, clutter and disorganized closets, and stains on the carpets. Before listing your home, scrub it thoroughly. 

Pay attention to spaces you may not see on a regular basis. Home buyers will look inside refrigerators, stoves, built-in microwaves, closets, pantries, and your garage and any outbuildings. 

One of the best things you can do is to rent a storage unit and remove about half of your belongings from each space. Take out half of all your clothing from your bedroom closet, for instance. Remove half of the items you store in your garage. This will give your buyers the illusion of having more storage space and closet space than you actually use.

Move items that may be in front of your water heater or your furnace system. Buyers will want to inspect those areas to see when they were installed and whether they’ve been maintained. 

First impressions count. A home buyer will decide whether they want to put an offer on a house within the first 30-45 seconds. Walk into your home with fresh eyes and nose to see what a visitor would see and smell within the first few seconds of their visit. 

If you have pets, smoke, or cook with strong-smelling spices, deodorize your home and light candles to mask any unpleasant scents. Have your carpets professionally cleaned and deodorized as well.

Utah Real Estate Agent Tip #5 –

Make Repairs & Cosmetic Fixes

Home Repairs before you sale

A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for walls that are marred, scuffed, and dinged. It’ll also do wonders for your offers. While many buyers are willing to overlook most cosmetic repairs, they are more willing to make higher offers for homes that they can move in immediately without spending time painting or replacing carpets.

Our Utah real estate agents recommend having a home inspection done before listing your home. You’ll be alerted to any major or minor issues that home buyers may raise during their due diligence and you can nip those in the bud by identifying and fixing those issues now.

When your Utah real estate agent shows your home, they will open all the blinds and turn on any available light. This opens the house and makes it appear larger. Make sure your windows are clean, blinds fixed and in working condition, and make sure all your lightbulbs are replaced and that they work.

Utah Real Estate Agent Tip #6 –

Get Professional Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography

In today’s market, out-of-state buyers often preview a home remotely or via a video tour by their agent. Having professional photographs and videos will help these buyers choose your home over another house that has dimly lit photographs or poorly staged shots.

At Your Utah Realty, we offer professional real estate photography services along with every listing.

Real Estate Facts:

Nearly 51% of buyers find their home online and photos are their first impression. Good photographs make the difference between a home they choose to tour vs. one they don’t.

For an additional fee, our team can provide a home tour using Matterport technology.

Utah Real Estate Agent Tip #7-

Stay Show-worthy

Show Worthy Home

If you have kids and pets, this may be a tall order. When selling your home, you may need to make your home available in just minutes. Keep clutter and messes at bay so that when a real estate agent calls to make an appointment to show the home, you can simply pick up and leave. 

Keeping your home available for showings means that you’ll sell your home quicker and get your home in front of more buyers. 

Many Utah home sellers make the mistake of thinking they can host a single open house and never show their home again. In reality, many home buyers will make multiple visits to a property with their real estate agent before placing an offer on a home. 

We have had many home buyers visit an open house and then request a showing after the crowds leave, just so they can experience the home together.

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