A Home Seller’s Guide to Costs:

How Much Does It Cost To Sell A House In Utah?

If you’re considering selling your home, you might be wondering how much does it cost to sell a house in Utah?

Understanding the true cost of selling your home in today’s market is important when outlining your real estate goals and pricing your property. On average, the cost to sell home is from 6-9% of your home’s final sales price.

The real estate agents at Your Utah Realty can help you break down your final costs. We can discuss strategies on how to reduce expenses.

There are three main categories of costs that affects how much it costs to sell a home in Utah:

    • Realtor® fees or listing fees
    • Closing costs
    • Home repair or staging expenses

Here’s your guide to each expense. Plus, you’ll get a frank explanation of where it pays to save and where it pays to splurge. Remember too, that every cost is negotiable. Your final expenses may be much less.

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#1 – Realtor Fees Or Listing Fees

How Much Commission Do Realtors® Make?

Typically, Utah home sellers pay a 6% commission on their home sale which is split between the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent. Nearly 77% of sellers pay the agents fees, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

It’s a fair transaction since most Realtors® foot the bill for marketing and advertising costs. These include fees to list your home on the MLS and brokerage fees. Your real estate agent will handle your offers, counteroffers, and the various contracts involved in selling real property.

Plus, many real estate agents will hold open houses, conduct video tours for out-of-state buyers, and canvas your neighborhood for interested home buyers. In some cases, they may stage your home for sale and provide professional real estate photography services.

At Your Utah Realty we offer a special sellers discount if you also use us as your buyer’s agent.

Our seller’s discount can save you a significant chunk of change when selling your home in Utah. If you are purchasing another home in the State of Utah in tandem with your home sale, we will offer you this discount if you use our team to help you negotiate your home purchase.

What About Listing With Discount Brokers or Agents?


There are some home sellers who look for a discount on realtor fees by choosing flat-rate real estate services such as Homie. Some will go with agents who agree to take discounted commissions in exchange for a high volume of clients.

There are pros and cons for each depending on what type of home seller you are. In the end, it depends upon what type of real estate services you are looking for.

Pros of Hiring a Realtor®

Why Hire Me As Your Realtor

White glove customer service 

Returned phone calls, expert contract negotiation, professional photography services, proactive instead of reactive responses, etc.

Relationship-based vs. transactional 

Your Realtor® looks out for your best interests rather than meeting quotas and you are our #1 client.

Top-shelf marketing 

Real estate agents who are well-versed in digital marketing will get your property in front of more buyers which can raise the amount of offers and bids. Flat-rate agencies simply list it and quit it.

Open houses 

We will host open houses that are well-publicized to other real estate agents and to potential buyers. Flat-rate services will not offer this service and if you want an open house, you will have to hold it yourself.

In-depth market analysis 

Our team will do a walk-through of your property and do an in-depth market analysis of true comparable homes in your area rather than using a Zillow-pulled report that doesn’t reflect the uniqueness of your home.


We’re available by phone, text, Zoom call, email, and we’ll even make in-person visits. When buyers call to tour homes, we’ll be there to open the door. If out-of-state buyers would like a personalized video tour where we can answer questions live, we schedule those virtual tours promptly. You won’t get that type of desirably different customer service from discount agents.

Network and Resources 

When you hire Your Utah Realty, you don’t just get a real estate agent, you get our entire network of mortgage brokers, real estate investors, home repair services, home builders, staging companies, and more. We work with out-of-state realtors to bring you buyers which gives your home the far-reaching exposure it deserves.

Cons of Hiring Flat-Rate or Discount Agents

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Pennywise but pound foolish 

You might save a little bit of money on the real estate agent’s commission, but potential buyers know when you are working with a discount agency or flat-rate brokerage. They tend to respond with lower offers.

Since the homes are not well-marketed you have fewer people looking at your home which results in fewer bids and fewer counteroffer opportunities. This often results in a lower final sales price for your home.

Plus, your home may linger on the market much longer which can result in you lowering your sales price to attempt to get more eyes on your property.

Marketing yourself 

You get to do all the marketing work yourself. If you want to host open houses or if you really like listing your home on KSL, social media, or other classified ads, it’s going to be up to you to showcase your home and you’ll pay all the associated costs.

Lack of transparency 

When Realtors® bring their buyers to a home, they will communicate with the listing agent about who has toured your home, what their feedback was, and whether they are interested in making an offer. Without that direct line of communication, you may not realize that some things are turning off potential buyers that could easily be fixed and result in a sale or higher offer.

Complex negotiations or problems with contracts 

One of the top complaints we hear from people who have used discount agents is that the agents ghost them when there are complexities or problems with the transaction. Many people who utilize these services have to be very aggressive and proactive when confronted with issues because they can’t count on their discount agent to respond in a timely manner.

Poor photography 

Because discount agencies and agents are working in a transactional-based way, your real estate photographer will have multiple appointments to shoot homes in a single day. Very little care will be taken to showcase your home in the best light possible.

Staging your home 

You will be solely responsible for staging your home.

There are reasons that discount agencies and agents exist. They work well for a segment of home buyers who want to do most of the work to sell their home themselves.

It’s a slight step up from doing the transaction as a “For Sale By Owner (FSBO).” Still, you’re still paying a pretty hefty fee when you consider how much time you’ll be spending yourself on getting your house sold, the cost of hiring an attorney to draw up the contract, and transferring the title.

Last year, only 11% of home sellers chose to sell their home by owner, according to the NAR.

For home sellers who want expert negotiators who are on their side, the white-glove customer service we provide, broad exposure to buyers through digital marketing and networking, along with the peace of mind that comes knowing that one of the most important financial transactions you’ll ever make is in good hands, the real estate services of Your Utah Realty are the way to go.

#2 – Closing Costs

The final stage of a real estate transaction is the closing. During this transaction there are several fees and assortment of costs for various services provided in the transfer of real property.

What Are Closing Costs?

In a nutshell, closing costs are all the fees that both the buyers and sellers pay for items such as title searches, title insurance, home inspection fees, loan origination fees, transfer taxes, pro-rated property taxes, and more.

Each state and each transaction will have variable fees. In Utah, for example, there are no transfer taxes. But, if you were to purchase a home in another state, you may see a transfer tax as one of the line items.

To fully understand your closing costs, your Realtor® can help you learn about each and what to expect at closing. Our agents will attend your closing with you so there will be no surprises. We’ll ensure that what was negotiated is what is on the final contract. That is part of our white-glove service promise.

Who Pays Closing Costs?

As with any contract, all items can be negotiated. However, there are typical closing costs paid for by sellers and other closing costs that are paid for by the buyers. While sellers typically pay realtor fees for example, buyers typically pay more closing costs.

When you sell a home, your closing costs are usually deducted from the total you’ve earned on the home. If you don’t have enough equity to cover them, you may have to pay those costs out-of-pocket.

Typical Home Seller Closing Cost in Utah

    • Mortgage payoff and any prepayment penalties – varies depending on what’s owed and loan terms
    • Outstanding amount owed on the home: varies
    • Any repairs required after the home inspection: varies depending upon condition of home
    • Property or deed transfer taxes (escrow): There are no transfer taxes in Utah. Property taxes are pro-rated and placed into escrow. The amount varies depending on your county.
    • Recording fees: Varies by county. Utah and Salt Lake County charge a flat $40 fee.
    • Real estate agent commissions: 5-6%
    • Attorney fees (if you hire one): $150-$500 hourly
    • Title insurance: $1000
    • HOA transfer fees (if applicable) – Up to 1%

Typical Home Buyer Closing Cost in Utah

    • Loan-related fees: 0.5%-1.5% of the sale price
    • Appraisal fees: $450-$600
    • Home inspection fees: $300-$500
    • Credit report fees: $20-$50
    • Title search fees: $300-$500
    • Lender’s title insurance: $1000
    • Attorney fees (if one is hired): $150-$500 hourly
    • HOA transfer fees (if applicable) Up to 1%

Optional Closing Costs For Sellers

Pre-sale home inspection: $300-$500 – Home sellers will sometimes pay to have a home inspection done before they list their home so they can find and fix any problems in the home before listing it. This can remove the possibilities of buyers placing contingencies on the sale that involve you making repairs to the home or offering lower bids.

Home warranty: $300-$420 – This covers the cost of repairing appliances that break down within a certain period of time soon after the property transfer that a home seller might be liable for.

#3 – Home Repair Or Staging Costs

How Much Commission Do Realtors® Make?

To reap the full value of your home, you may have to prepare your home for sale by making repairs or improvements. Unless you plan to sell your home “as-is” then it is likely that you will be asked to make repairs following a home inspection or as part of a contingency to an offer from a buyer.

In some cases, paying for certain home improvements will increase the value of a home. To see common home improvements and how they affect home values, see this chart of cost vs. value.

Staging Costs

If you are moving out of the home before listing it, you may think that a clean, empty home will attract higher offers. However, a well-staged home lets a buyer picture their own furniture in a home and opens their eyes to the possibilities of the home’s use of space. Also, photos, open houses, and virtual tours with staged homes give a much more favorable impression than empty rooms.

Light cosmetic repairs and landscaping to improve a home’s curb appeal can also go a long way towards receiving better offers, reduce buyer contingencies, reduce days on market, and increase the appraisal of a home.

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